Research is critical, early in the process of realizing an idea.  Good ideas have typically been acted on before. By studying the competition to your idea, you can determine how to differentiate and compete.  Ideas can be realized in many different ways. Gerber Design can help you research and strategize how to best evolve your idea.

For example the EPIC digital medical information wristband came to GerberDesign with great looking 3D geometry and renderings. The question was how to make a prototype and get it manufactured.  GerberDesign researched materials, found a manufacturer and ultimately redesigned the EPIC-id to be a fraction of the original size.
Before and after redesign.


The PlaneDriven PD-3 is a redesign of the PD-2. The PD-3 is to be almost half the weight of the PD-2 to meet LSA requirements.  Gerber Design was tasked with researching the lightest weight components for the PD-3 front wheel system. Off-the-shelf tires, wheels, brakes, bearings, hubs and spindles were all evaluated for weight and performance. The lightest weight components came from different systems, ultimately requiring a custom light weight hub to be designed to integrate them into a narrow aerodynamic assembly. The result was a wheel that weighs half as much as its predecessor. See more at .